Soul Purpose Blisswork

A simple and effective TOOLKIT
to UNCOVER who you truly are  and DESIGN a life 
fully aligned with your 

My Soul Purpose is people experiencing WHOLENESS. 

What’s yours?

Restore your access to Joy, sparkling Life Energy
and BEING your Full Potential

Okay…I will be honest with you. You won’t get anything out of this toolkit. 
At least not if you go about this work like one of the many programmes or coaching trajectories you have consumed. 

This CAN be life changing. And it has been in my case. But it requires YOUR COMMITMENT.
Your commitment to living a life in service and in full alignment with your Energetic Blueprint, the reason why you are walking these beautiful earthly planes.

I know it can be scary to take on this responsibility, but once you’ve made the jump in the deep end there is no way back. And you probably don’t want to go back. Because what’s on the other side of the deep end is your HOME

It’s that deep resonance and feeling of being home wherever you are. Sharing WHO YOU ARE with the world without holding back. We need people like you to LEAD, to show others the way. Just by being YOU.

Isn’t that fun and exciting?



I was ready for more Bliss in my life!

I really liked how Anja guided the exercises and showed us that it’s actually not that difficult to start living according to your Blueprint.

I can be very heady about stuff sometimes, but was inspired by the simplicity of this work. “If it doesn’t resonate with your Soul Blueprint, then don’t do it”. 

I use the tools almost every day and give myself time to integrate my Soul Blueprint in more areas of my life, especially now that I have become an entrepreneur.

Anniek Blaauboer -

The Soul PURPOSE Toolkit helps you be true to who you are and live in Freedom and FLOW

Does this sound awesome to you?

Pink & Glitters! So simple but spot on

I came across the Soul Purpose program at the perfect moment in my life; I wanted to take a new step and shift into the next phase.

Through the first step in the Soul Purpose program I discovered what truly drives me, what opens my heart when I see that happening around me.

Anja guided me into the energetic state that is my essence and we made up two words that brings out my inner joy and happiness: Pink & Glitters! So simple but it’s spot on!

It helped me a lot in daily life for example in moments of choice I ask myself: “Do I feel the energy of Pink & Glitters or not?” This feeling is also what I’d love people to experience and from which I run my business.

Anja helped me a lot in making this specific for which I am super grateful.

Tamara Levering -

"It requires being ALL IN to fulfil your True Purpose."

The 3 pillars of the Soul Purpose Blissworks:


Uncover your Soul Purpose and become aware of your Unique Energetic Frequency. Start playing with your True Essence and discover which area’s of your life are aligned with who you truly are and most importantly... what it’s NOT.


Clear out all that’s not in alignment with who you truly are:
△ Your physical environment
△ Your health & wellbeing
△ Your relationships
△ Your financial situation & career or business


Start creating what you desire and design a life in alignment with your Soul Purpose. For the better of you, the people around you and the Earth.

What's in the Toolkit?

1 Soul Purpose Activation

The kickstarter of this process to uncover your Soul Purpose and get you connected to who you truly are.

9 Downloadable Tools

Down to earth pragmatic tools and practices to get clear on what's in- and out of alignment with your Soul Purpose and to take supportive actions.

6 Meditations

Guided meditations by Anja to transmute any fears, open up for organic healing and visualise your intentions.

3 Eye-opening Distinctions

Distinctions are a way of learning in a simple and effective way. They show you a view of reality through the lens of contrasts.

7 Perspectives on
energy Architecture

Opening up your field with simple and clear perspectives on the mechanics of Energy Architecture and how you can BE the Architect of your life.


Personal shares and examples by Anja about the use of the tools and practices, and what living in alignment with your Soul Purpose takes and can look like (the good, the bad & the ugly)

Unlimited Access

Access to all content whenever you want as long as you need

A small waterfall of Magic came into my life...

After Anja guided me through the Soul Purpose process I felt again how simple it really is and how often I forget: if I AM more often in the moment and choose what I prefer to DO, there is my alignment and my Bliss. A small waterfall of Magic has come into my life since I integrated that more.

The tools Anja provided in the Soul Purpose program were so inspiring; Easy to do, playful and very spot on! One of them even deserves a place on my mirror.

What sets this course apart is that you now experience IN YOUR WHOLE BODY what you already know in your head. Your Soul Blueprint actually becomes a physical and energetic experience. That was the gateway to my Bliss for me.

Maike - The Netherlands

There is so much to share, it’s time for all of us to step up our game!
Let’s support each other in this.


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