So what if I am...Crazy?

and a:

Soul Purpose Guide ⋘

⋙ Inner Alchemist⋘

⋙ Kundalini & Flow Activator ⋘ 

⋙ Womb Wisdom Keeper⋘

⋙ Frequency Geek⋘

⋙ Blissworker⋘


People call me crazy, and I take that as a compliment! 

“Anja truly is a bringer of light who is able to accelerate the journey to alignment with your Soul Purpose.”

“Anja has the Divine talent to make you feel safe and to surrender to her positive provocative treatment. She strongly reinforced my self confidence.”

“Anja has the great ability to make you feel completely relaxed and comfortable by just sitting next to you or touching you gently. Although she is obviously very intelligent, pretty and powerful, that did not make me insecure nor nervous. In her presence it is easy to close your eyes and open your mind and heart.”

⫷⫷⫷⫷⫷⫷⫷⫷  ⫸⫸⫸⫸⫸⫸⫸⫸

I work intuitively and energetically, feeling your energy flow and tapping into the wisdom of the body. Continuously keeping the bigger picture in mind of what makes a difference in your life and that of others and the world.

I connect with you in the ‘being space’ and from the heart, reflecting you in your WHOLENESS so you can take aligned actions to Source your life.

Everything I share with you is embodied, meaning that everything comes from my own experience and is filtered by effectiveness.

You are welcome to work with me if you are ready to go deep in purity and growth and dare to face your fears.

My mission is people honouring life and all beings at the purest level, being guided by their inner compass to shift, heal, learn and take highly aligned actions for planetary ascension.


As a child I already said ‘everything is energy’ even though I didn’t really understand
what I meant by that.

Until a few years ago I was suspicious of people who said they felt energy flowing in their bodies. I have always been fascinated by this and when I dived deep into the mystical teachings of Tantra I experienced an enormous acceleration in this area. From feeling absolutely no energy flow in my own body – let alone in someone else’s – to super sensitive to energy in myself, others and everything around me. The mystery of energy and the Quantum field still fascinates me every day.

The symbol on the right is a channeled code that captures my essence and Soul mission. I feel that I am on Earth right now to live the example of what is possible and help restore balance, within and without. Especially in the area of living a life from your essence, who you really are beyond all (social and parental) programming. I deeply believe that we all create our own reality and that the only one that is holding you back from fully being who you want to be is you! The possibilities are endless.

My challenge is to continuously stretch the boundaries of what I think is possible and to play in the field of infinite possibilities. And believe me, I regularly go through deep release processes myself! It is a continuous game to live in alignment. It is becoming a bit easier and things shift faster. But it is not necessarily less painful …

What I love most is playing with energy in all kinds of ways, including dancing, letting sexual (Kundalini) energy flow and being one with nature.

I learn and master things by playing with what I encounter on my path. What I share comes 100% from my own experience. The great thing is that I apply (a totally subjective) filter to what I share and look at what I (and my customers) have experienced as most effective.


My visits to the tribes in the Sierra have been very important in restoring my connection to the Earth.

For the past 3 years I have traveled all over the world and trained myself in Soul Blueprint & Alignment work on a personal and business level. Especailly my travels to the Sierra (Colombia) have been life altering.

I have guided hundreds of people in remembering their Soul Mission – their true essence – and served as a guide in allowing life energy to flow. Restoring FLOW in the body and in your life, that’s what makes me happy!

Integrating the Feminine energy into our male-driven society is an important mission of me and this work.